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HELLO, Gorgeous!

Welcome to Brooklin Mane!


We're Val and Steph, the proud co-owners of Brooklin Mane Hair Studio. We are a mother-daughter duo with a shared passion for hair, beauty, and creating a fun and welcoming environment for our clients.

Whether you're looking for a trendy men's cut, a stunning women's style, or a complete transformation, our skilled stylists are here to bring your vision to life.

Hair salon owners in Brooklin, Val and Steph are a dynamic mother-daughter duo


Above all, our love of people and hair will always be the foundation of our purpose and our craft.


Whether you're seeking the impact of a bold colour transformation to bring out an edgy personality or the comfort of a lived in balayage that feels like an old pair of beloved jeans, what ever the reason for your visit, we promise to always do our very best!


Our clients have become some of our closet friends by default, and our little salon, in the heart of Brooklin, has become our happy place.


Drop in for a coffee, a trim, or to get blown away haha pun intended! See you at the Mane!


Steph is a talented hair stylist and co-owner of Brooklin Mane Hair Studio



Growing up in the Industry and following my mother's footsteps, I've had the incredible opportunity to nurture my passion for hairdressing from a young age. This experience imparted unique knowledge and expertise that I carry with me to this day. 

Searching for an opportunity to challenge myself, I stepped outside my comfort zone and ventured to beautiful Vancouver, where I pursued my cosmetology education at Blanche McDonald, one of Canada's most prestigious hair schools.

Now, I work alongside my mom, creating beautiful blow-outs, transforming brunettes into blonde bombshells, and creating glamorous styles with a side of warmth and laughter.

Co-owner and artist Val sitting in white leather chair smiling at the camera



Years behind the chair has given me the opportunity to explore all the things hair, and to fall in love with my craft as well as the people I have the pleasure to serve! 


The desire to stay inspired and the pursuit of happiness has always been the foundation for my creativity. It fuels my passion to tackle a massive colour correction or to transform sad hair into a monumental balayage and big bad blow out!

I've been called an artist, a magician, a master and an expert, but none of this matters if my mission to bring some beauty, some laughs and an enormous smile to someone's face hasn't been accomplished.

I love it all, from the smooth blend of a mad fade to the instant glam of luxurious extensions, and everything hair-between! 

Stephanie R, Master Aesthetician wearing a white button-up blouse while sitting in a chair leaning on her right hand and smiling.



Hi! I'm Stephanie, a medical aesthetician with over five years of industry experience. I attended Trillium College, and graduated with honours from the Advanced Aesthetics and Spa Operation program and licenses including expert status with Dermologica products. 

I chose a career in the beauty industry because I have always been passionate about progressive skin care and improving challenging skin conditions. But mostly I love meeting people, and helping them feel and look their best.


My goal is to educate clients during their treatments, and advocate for effective home care, I am dedicated to customizing and tailoring treatments to successfully yield and sustain glamorous results. Everybody deserves to feel confident and love their skin! Let me help you get your glow on!

Thomas Witbeck Hair Stylist at Brooklin Mane Hair Studio



Hi I'm Thomas!  From blunt bobs, dyed dark, to long rainbow locks with undercuts, I've coloured and cut it all. My work has been featured in magazines, and I worked back stage at fashion shows. When not at the Salon, I can be found making kids entertainment on YouTube, cooking a masterpiece, golfing and playing video games.


I love building strong connections with my clients and helping them express their personalities through their appearance

Kianna is Brooklin Mane's assistant helping with washes, treatment and more

Hello, I'm Kianna! I am an aspiring makeup artist as well as Brooklin Mane's esteemed assistant! I have been part of the team for over a year now and have enjoyed discovering that I have a passion for hair as well as my first love which is theatrical makeup.


I will be travelling to Vancouver to complete the Global Makeup program next year at Blanche MacDonald Centre. I look forward to this new challenge and I feel confident that I will excel in this branch of cosmetology as this present opportunity has helped me grow immensely.


Working as an assistant in a hair salon has shown me that I am a fast learner and I'm ready for any challenge, and mostly that I love having a laugh with guests! So excited about what the future will bring! 






Ready to unleash your creativity and join the fabulous team at Brooklin Mane? Buckle up, because we're about to take your hairstyling journey to a whole new level!


At Brooklin Mane, we're not just a team; we're a family of beauty enthusiasts who know how to have a good time while slaying those locks. We're on a mission to bring out the superstar in every client and leave them strutting out of our salon with a confidence that can't be tamed.

When you join our team, get ready for a whirlwind of creativity, laughter, and unforgettable hair moments. We lift each other up, cheer each other on, and celebrate every victory like it's our own. You'll be surrounded by a team that's as fierce as your styling skills and as passionate about hair and beauty as you are.

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